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But of course, all dependent on the beauty of the WHITE stuff!

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Photos by Katherine Lawson Bowman, Friday, February 6, 2015     9:20 AM

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Grooming Schedule
(For a visual, see map below.)

Some of our Groomer Operators (L to R)
George St. Onge
Don Bennett
Steve Dalpe
Norm Bennett

Groomer Operators
Ken Mandeville on the right had the vision and was instrumental in creating our newest trail -- the connector from Pine Hill OS88 to Brownington OS89. This trail is a tremendous asset to our trail system.

Trail 58 & 14 & C14
Croteau's Trail
  • Connecting with the Bob's Quick Stop trail at the bridge on VT RT 14
  • Connects with Orleans Snowstormers at Croteau's OS46
  • Includes feeder trail to Martha's Diner and Royer's  Service & Mini Mart OS19
  • Includes feeder trail to Brewski's
Wednesday & Saturday
A 5 to 6 hour run with the groomer!

Trail 14A & 14
Pine Hill Trail
  • Starts at the Airport Road and continues around Pine Hill to Prouty Beach on Memphremagog
  • Connects with Derby Driftdusters by Century 21 in Derby OS6 & OS9
  • Includes connector trail to Brownington, which connects with Orleans Snowstormers near the Old Stone House OS89
Monday & Thursday
An 8 to 9 hour run with the groomer!

Trail 14B
Bob's Quick Stop Trail

  • Travels down to Memphremagog by Farrant's Point
  • Connects with Country Riders near Wayne's Restaurant OS28 and in Coventry at OS44
  • Connects to our Croteau's Trail by the Coventry Covered Bridge
  • At Bob's Quick Stop connects with Hazen's Notch Snowmobile Club of Lowell OS45 and the Glover Trailwinders and Orleans Snowstormers OS38
Tuesday & Friday
A 6 to 7 hour run with the groomer!

While every effort is made to adhere to the above grooming schedule, equipment breakdowns, weather, snow conditions and operator availability may cause changes to the grooming schedule.

Map Copyright 2010-2011
Our Airport Road trail, Corridor 14A OS94 to OS43 is closed. 

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on our trail system, click here.






Steve  Steve Dalpe's
Trail Report

The North Country Mountaineers cover 65 miles of the VAST trail system in Coventry, Irasburg and Newport. Each trail is groomed twice a week (See schedule on left). Our goal is to update our trails report on Mondays and Thursdays. However, we will update more often when there is big news to report such as a pending snow storm etc.
We continue to e-mail our Trail Reports to members who provided us with an e-mail address. If you would like to receive these reports by e-mail contact Irene here.

GroomerPreparations for 1st Run

Norm Bennett and Chuck Bowman preparing the
groomer for it's first run of the season in 2015.

Photo by Kathy Bowman

Wednesday, March 15, 2017     8:11 PM
As of 3/15/17 we have received 24-30 inch's of new snow. We had zero base, so we are out trying to build something for a base and to fill in all the ditch's that have opened due to all the water. We are starting off just like we did at the beginning of the snowmobile season. The trails are very poor at this time and there are numerous trees down. We are clearing them as fast as possible. You can ride, but please ride with extreme caution. There are a lot of drifts in the fields and areas where the snow has been blown down to dirt. So if you ride, ride with extreme caution. We will be grooming anytime day or night, so please keep an eye out for the groomers.

Friday, February 24, 2017     9:04 PM
Hello Fellow Snowmobilers,
As great as the trails were, I'm sorry to report that with this big warm up, we have lost most of our snow. There is flooding all over the trail system and you cannot ride at this time. The temps are supposed to rise even more and flooding is in the forecast. If the conditions change, I will certainly update you all. Thank You, Steve Dalpe

To link to our neighboring club Trail Reports
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Sunday, February 19, 2017     6:57 PM
Hello Fellow Snowmobilers,
We have gone from perfect conditions to very warm temps and a lot of snow loss. There are reports from riders that there are a lot of areas that have water in the trail. If you are going to ride, please be aware of this warm up. We will not groom again until the temps drop back down.  Thanks you all, Steve Dalpe

Friday, February 15, 2017     1:15 PM
Hello Fellow Snowmobilers,
Today is Friday Feb 17th and WE HAVE SNOW! We are grooming, grooming & GROOMING. Trails are AWESOME, so get out there and enjoy the White gold while you can.
Thank You & Ride Safe, Steve

Friday, February 10, 2017     11:53 AM
Hello Fellow Snowmobilers!
As of today Friday 2/10/17, the trails are really shaping up! We have received 3-4 inch's of new snow this past week and this has allowed the groomer operator's to really shape up the trails. The trails are good to very good at this time. Not all the bad spots are filled in, so still keep an eye out for those area's. But please get out there and ride and ride safe. Thank You, Steve

Monday, January 30, 2017     8:23 AM
Good Morning Fellow Snowmobilers,
Friday evening 1/27/17 we received 8-12 inch’s of new snow. The groomer operator’s set out early Saturday morning and started working the snow to build a new base. All of the Mountaineer’s Trails have been groomed, but we still need more snow. Please watch out for the rough cornfields and the water spots as they come up very quickly. We will be out grooming all this week, so please keep an eye out for us trying to get these trails in the best shape that we can. Happy Riding Everyone! Steve

Friday, January 27, 2017     12:10 PM
Hello Fellow Snowmobilers ,
As of today, we are still not grooming. We have received little snow and a lot of warm weather. The lakes are getting thinner and thinner as well and the news has reported several vehicles going through the ice. Most of the base on our trails is gone and riding is terrible in our area. I will update the report as soon as there is something good to report. Thanks everyone & Be Safe! Steve

Monday, January 16, 2017     9:57 AM
Good Morning Fellow Snowmobiler’s,                    
As of this morning, Monday, January 16th, 2017 we have lost almost all of our snow due to the rain we received last week. The cornfields are down to dirt and the woods are very icy. We will not groom until we get a good amount of snow. It also looks like a warm up is coming this Thursday, Friday & Saturday. We do not recommend riding the North Country Mountaineer’s trails at this time. Please respect all the landowner’s property. I will update you again once we receive some snow and we are able to get back out to work the trails again. Thank You, Steve

Monday, January 9, 2017     10:34 AM
Good Morning Fellow Snowmobilers,
We have been grooming and working the trails as much as we can with the limited snow. The wet area in Brownington near West Road has been repaired, but could use more snow. And the big wet area near the Alliance Church at the start of the Alderbrook Rd in Newport has been repaired as well. The trails are in pretty good shape overall. Just keep an eye out for area’s that need more snow and stay where the trails have been groomed. Let’s hope the warm-up misses us this coming Thursday.
Happy Trails To All, Steve

Friday, January 6, 2017     1:24 PM
Hello Fellow Snowmobilers ,
As of today, we do not have a lot of snow to work with, but our groomer is out doing what it can. We groomed Croteau’s Trail last night and it needs more snow, but can be ridden. There are a lot of deep wet spots out there so, please be careful. The Pine Hill Trail is being groomed as I type this and we will be grooming Bob’s Trail tomorrow. We have put some material in the really bad spot on our Brownington Trail next to the West Road. Please slow down as it's far from perfect, but you should not get stuck in it. Please use extreme caution out there riding. It’s the start to the season, we have not received cold weather to freeze up the wet areas and we still need a lot of snow. Thanks everyone and have a safe weekend.  Steve

Monday, January 2, 1017     9:29 AM
Hello Fellow Snowmobilers,
The North Country Mountaineers have been grooming all weekend (Sat., Dec. 31st & Sun., Jan. 1st ). We received another 3-6 inch’s of snow which has been a big help, but with the temperatures remaining warm, we are not getting the wet area’s to freeze up. There are some really bad spots that have 2-3 feet of water up by West Road in Brownington Rte 58A and the trail to Martha’s Diner Rte 14F has a very wet area the groomer got stuck in. So please be very careful as some snowmobilers have gotten stuck as well. The trail conditions are not very good at this time. We had lost our base in the last heavy rain fall and we are working on rebuilding a base now. If you are going to ride, please ride with extreme caution. The weather forecast says 1 inch of rain is coming for Tuesday Jan 3rd, so no idea how much this will affect our trails. If you are going to ride, please be aware of the conditions and ride safe. Thanks, Steve

Friday, December 30, 2016  12:00 Noon
Hello Fellow Snowmobilers,
As you all know, we have had a rocky start to the snowmobile season. We received a good amount of snow as the season began and then we lost almost all of it. As I type this, we have received about 8-10 inch’s of new snow and the forecast say’s we will receive a few more inch’s before the storm is done. The North Country Mountaineer’s will start grooming today, this Friday afternoon and through the weekend to get all the snow moved around, ditch’s filled back in and try to get another base started. The riding will be rough at best. Corn fields will need a lot more snow and area’s still need to freeze up. There are a lot of wet and icy conditions out there, so if you need to ride, please ride with extreme caution. Also, please keep in mind that we will be grooming during the day as we need to also clear the trails of debris from all the wind we received as well. I will update you all again at the beginning of the week.  Thank you all and I wish you all a Very Safe & Happy New Year!   Steve

Big Thank you to Chuck Bowman,
Steve, Connor & Kyle Dalpe,
Norm, Dale & Scott Bennett,
Don Bennett, David Aho, and Marshall Bowman
for all their volunteer work to get our trails open after the big storm!

Chuck Bowman on his 3rd day clearing
the snowmobile trails with the Excavator!



Your everyday friendly groomer operators,
Don Bennett (foreground) & Steve Dalpe (background).



New Tucker - 2013!

Getting ready for the new season . . .

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groomer in action on U-Tube

March 18, 2010

Want to know what it is like to ride in a groomer, check out this video of Don Bennett and Steve Dalpe trying out a Pisten Bully on Jay Peak trails March 18, 2010.
Video by Steve Dalpe

Friday, January 1, 2010

Grooming by Al's Snowmobile
Video by Patrick Martell

Saturday, January 24, 2010
Grooming Bob's Quick Stop Trail
Doncaster's Field
Video by Steve Dalpe

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