Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Good morning Sherry,
Ken asked me to e-mail you. He's feeling we should postpone the overnight ride till Feb. 20th, hoping they'll be more snow & interest. We've only received 1 interest besides us 2.  If you could past along the message that would be helpful.

Yvonne Mandeville

Hello Everyone
Plans for the over night ride to Morrisville are as follows:
First and foremost,  the trip is rescheduled for February 20th. However after Ken left, I realized the date for the next club meeting is February 21st. So if we get to that point, we can rethink the meeting date or the next available date for the over night would be the 27th.
Here are the #s for the Sunset Motor Inn in Morrisville. You need to call and reserve your room for the 20th.
Room rates are:
1 queen $89
2 doubles $99
2 Queens $116
Their email is sunset@together.net
Now for the plans.  We, Ken or I, need to know a head count on or before this weekend Saturday, February 13th (new date).  Ken has planned a cook out on the way and we will need to know how many to get food for the trip.  We will need some one to bring some wood for the fire and newspapers to start it with.  We will begin at Sherry's and the food will be divided among machines to carry.  We will have crackers and cheese, hot dogs, buns, mustard, ketchup, marshmallows, chocolate bars, and chips. Please bring your own drinks for the trip over.
Meet at Sherry's house by 9 am and the next stop to meet if you miss that one is Jct 14B & 58 in Irasburg at 9:30 From there you are going over Rte 58 to 105W to Montgomery.
Remember to confirm who is going by e-mailing Sherry or call Sherry at 754-6834 and call in to reserve your room at the Sunset Motor Inn.
Please pass on to any that are not on our emailing list. Anyone is welcome to join this trip member or not.
Thanks and have a great day
Sherry Bradley